The Problem We Are Addressing:

Gentrification is rapidly displacing low and moderate income New Yorkers from their homes and communities. Throughout New York, landlords are converting buildings that have been regulated or subsidized for generations into market rate or luxury housing. At the same time, the landlord lobby is persistently and effectively advocating for the expansion of the mechanisms owners can use to remove apartment buildings from their affordability programs, and also for a weakening of tenant rights. As a result, low and moderate income tenants are being displaced from their homes, the fabric of our communities is unraveling, and New York is losing its diversity.

"The work we do is actually preserving the culture of New York. Without us, the city would be a place just for the very wealthy." - Tenants & Neighbors Member Leader

Our Vision and Values:

We believe that low and moderate income people should not have to live on the verge of displacement and to have to defend constantly their right to be part of this city. Instead, New York should be a place where people from all walks of life can put down roots and build strong, stable, dynamic communities.

“When I was growing up, we had a sense of community, that everyone should be responsible for everyone else, that we’re all in it together, that there’s strength in numbers. We had this attitude- I’ve got your back and I know you’ll have mine. Tenants & Neighbors still has that value. Tenants & Neighbors has our back.” –Tenants & Neighbors Board Member

Our Approach:

We believe that at the root of the problem of displacement of low and moderate income people from their homes and communities is the major power imbalance that exists between the real estate industry and tenants, and that the way to correct this power imbalance is through grassroots tenant organizing. For this reason, our core activity is providing organizing support and technical assistance to tenants who want to organize campaigns to keep their building affordable and/or broader policy or legislative campaigns that address the underlying causes of loss of affordability.

“I learned from working with Tenants & Neighbors that by organizing, you allow your voice to be heard.” –Tenants & Neighbors Board Member

Our Structure:

Tenants & Neighbors is comprised of two affiliate organizations. The New York State Tenants & Neighbors Information Service, a 501c3 organization, does base building, grassroots community education, and leadership development. It helps tenants organize at the building and community level to preserve at-risk affordable housing developments and also organize broader campaigns for administrative reforms. The New York State Tenants & Neighbors Coalition is a 501c4 membership organization that helps tenants organize legislative campaigns that address the underlying causes of loss of affordability.

Our Members:

The power of the New York State Tenants & Neighbors Coalition comes from our members, and our day-to-day work is made possible by their active involvement. Our broad base of dues-paying members sustains our work financially. A smaller group of members are active in events such as rallies, demonstrations, and lobby trips. And a core group of member leaders help us decide what issues we should work on, and help plan and execute our system change campaigns.

Please join us

La Fuente de Nuestro Poder:

  • Nuestro conocimiento profundo sobre la vivienda asequible, un concocimento que tiene su raíz en el trabajo que hacemos apoyando la organización y la mobilización de la los inquilinos
  • Nuestra base grande y diversa de miembros activos que viven en apartamentos asequibles
  • Nuestro grupo central de inquilinos que son líderes en sus comunidades y también en nuestra organización
  • Nuestras relaciones colaborativas con otras organizaciones, y nuestro compromiso a ayudar a fortalecer y el movimiento de inquilinos a través de nuestra participación
  • Nuestra experiencia política
  • Nuestro conocimiento del panorama político y nuestro acceso a y relaciones con los responsables de la toma
  • Nuestro legado de cuarenta años de lucha
  • Nuestra reputación actual como una organización proactiva, valiente, democrática y efectiva

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(New York State Tenants & Neighbors Coalition)